2 Weeks Down, 5 Weeks to Go!

As we enter our third week of fundraising, we thought this would be the perfect time to give everyone an update on the progress of our Southeast Asia project!

First of all, we’d like to thank the 45 funders who have helped us to reach 41% of our final goal at $3,500! We are both very thankful for the support and interest that everyone is having in the project and for the advice that we have been receiving.

Over the last two weeks, one of the main concepts that we have been working with and developing involves explaining our project in its most complete, yet simplified form.

And that is: Helping Communities Help Themselves.

This idea comes from the fact that, throughout the development of our entire project the primary, underlying goal we have both had is to find the best way to help empower communities and the work that they are doing locally through photojournalism.

It is this primary focus which has led us down the path of creating a photojournalism-style book that aims to document community based work being carried out around the world in a way that is both beautiful and informative. And it is through this type of book that we will spread the word about the great work being done in the communities we will be working with in Burma and Thailand.

It is our hope that through this type of book, we will not only be able to inform people about the grassroots efforts of communities like those in Burma and Thailand, but that we will also be able to encourage and empower these communities by helping them spread the word about their efforts and gain the support of the global community as a whole.

As of now, we have 5 weeks left in the fundraiser and are continuing to make great steps forward.  Let’s keep spreading the word!

-Kellie & Robb


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