Global Youth Projects Becomes Global Populace!


Over the past few months, since successfully completing our Indiegogo fundraiser and participating in a number of events benefiting Global Youth Projects, we have finally had the much needed opportunity to reorganize and improve certain aspects of our project in a way which provides not only more clarity and focus to our cause, but more flexibility as well. These improvements come through most obviously in the form of our new name: Global Populace.

The idea to change our name to Global Populace came from the desire to give our organization a greater sense of permanence and longevity, rather than treating each organization study as an independent project. While we want to use our projects as an opportunity to outline and emphasize the work being carried out by small, grassroots organizations around the world, we also want to be able to take it one step further by allowing you and anyone who is interested to have the opportunity to connect with these groups yourselves, be it through volunteer work or otherwise.

Through our new website,, you will be able to access not only updates on our current work through our blog, but you will be able to read the finished articles and summaries we’ve created for each organization that we work with through each organization’s profile page, including specific information and facts about each group in order to help you gain an understanding of their current work, their future goals and how you could become involved.

This name change comes into play at the very beginning of our first project with a children’s home in Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar) where we will be documenting and observing their work for the next two months. Once we have gathered enough insight on this group, we will then publish their full profile for public viewing, including a complete article describing their work with photographs to match.

In order to receive weekly updates and information about this project, you can follow us at our blog provided at the Global Populace website and at the link below.

We’re excited to finally begin this part of our journey and to be able to share it all with you!


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